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Posted on October 3, 2019


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Hi I have  been subject to some online bullying  by an ex gf of my current  bf. I have been working on a small web site learning the ropes as a new comer to the online business  world. First to admit I am no computer  tech. Anyways  she has been doing  the same type of work  for  quite a while andcsees me as a threat i guess. She began hacking into my email and phone snooping  I assume for messages  between the guy and myself I assume.  But it progressed  to my web sitr  and her deleting my eork work stealing my pics  and making tshirts out of them and mean jokes all the way to the point of death threats and to the point its out of control . i guess  me being the oerson I am i continued  to take it ignoring  it snd hoping it would stop. It got worse.  I am stalked  harrassed  and bullied every day by this woman . To the point i gave up on my web site and break down in tears nearly every day because  of her.  Let me be clear  i hate bullies  and do not agree with being  mean to people. However sometimes  it takes someone a big taste of their own medicine  to learn a hard lesson. This woman is successful and i have no interest  in hurtng her financial situation  or harm . I do however want

A group of people yes a group  because that is what she has done. She began to gang stalk my facebook page recruiting  peope to send me hate messages  and threatening  me.police and online help is a joke. I am hoping to find 

some  kind hearted people to well just  be  obnoxious  chatter  in her life for s month or  two . Possibly  get in her  email and maybr mix stuff up a bit make sone some messes for her change her ads that she post. Shes a writer  of fiction cartoon novels and maybe add a chapter  or two to a book. Thing just to annoy her. This is the type of things she has done.  I changed my web host 4 times  closed 6 pinterest  accounts  and she just wont stop.  I cant  even get my web site launched in fear of these people  hacking in to my customers  accounts and that type of thing. So im hoping there are some goid hearted big brother ir sister type people  that may read this an would  be willing to anonymously  start looking out for me 🙏 she uses multiple  fake profiles. She is very intelligent  and  so I think the best thing to do is post my info and see if some kind hearted people will friend  me on Facebook  and see whats happening  to me as well ad pinterest.  She calls  names makes horrible cruel jokes and iver all just a shitty person . I do not respond  to  her. I try to ignore  but im only human and just lose  it  and cry. I stopped  seeing the guy in hopes it would stop and it hasnt. Everything 4pot is my face book and website pending still and twinflamessweetshop  i dont want to hurt any one just creative  ideas tp dtop a bulley for good  a little t het feel a little bit uncomfortable  . She selks dresses tshirts and clothing on line . Pinterest  is her main site. She sells on 

Is my pinterest someone can follow  me there and see the posts on my feed . She uses  the Samsung  phone to get into my accounts  the meid number is the same  less one number off of mine. She gets access codes to log 

in I guess I have tried everything  to stop  and her. The phone  verification  makes it worse . There is the info i cou ld get on the phone and two of the types if posts  i get on my feed shes a narcissist  and very much  a type of person that isnt  going to lose  kinda additude  about everything.  I just want to be left  alone  and she isnt going  to stop 

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